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Best Fast Paced Casino Games

Published By: EL 7/19/2022 6:08:55 PM

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Best Fast Paced Casino Games

Are you the kind of person who can’t eat their morning cornflakes without also spraying a wasp’s nest, just because you need the thrill to get you started? Or are you not satisfied unless you manage to hit sixth gear between every traffic light? Well, then you probably like to classify yourself as an adrenalin junkie, and we salute you for your constant quest for big thrills at every turn.

If you live life fast, you likely enjoy your casino games fast, and that’s why we’re here today. There are a number of super fast paced casino games, sure to fit right into the lifestyle of the speed loving personality type. Here are some of the most popular fast paced casino games currently available at your favourite online casino.


As far as fast paced games go, there are basically none faster than the world famous game of craps. Craps is a game based around rolling dice, with each round lasting roughly as long as it takes dice to come to a stop. Of course, the shooter may have to roll the dice more than once for a final outcome to be reached, but every roll is still one that can be bet on.

And yes, you don’t even have to be rolling in order to make bets. Craps is unique in that it allows watchers to also place bets, making it an awesome social game. Gather up all your adrenalin junkie friends, play your favourite online craps game, and let the dice rolling action begin. If you love the thrill of rolling the dice , the element of uncertainty and the chance to win big , craps is your game, guaranteed.


Maybe slowed down a bit by the need to have a spinning wheel, roulette is still a fast paced game with very little time between spins. The great thing about roulette, though, is that the rounds may be fast, but there is still plenty of room to make educated betting decisions. But we’re not saying you have to, and are just as welcome to throw down a red or black bet, as many tend to do.

Roulette is a world favourite game for a reason, and many play it on a regular basis. Check it out if you haven’t already, and keep in mind that online roulette is controlled entirely by the player. This means that each spin will occur the moment you are finished placing your bet. Adrenalin junkie, you may have just found your perfect game. Remember that online roulette is also far faster than its land based counterpart, so you can spin the wheel more, and rack up bigger wins in less time.


Little is as satisfying as saying the words ‘hit me’ with authority, especially when it doesn’t result in a friend punching you in the gut. In blackjack it is the classic term that is known throughout the world, and certainly for good reason.

Blackjack is another super fast paced game, and also happens to be one of the most skill based casino games currently available. Players are challenged to get as close to 21 as possible, without going over, and thick tension is almost always a by-product of the proceedings.

There might be slightly less opportunity to bet wild, as in roulette, but blackjack is still certainly a game that can benefit from a bit of bravado and a sense of adventure. Check it out at your casino, and be ready to start practising your most authoritative ‘hit me’ voice, just in case. That won’t actually be necessary. At least not until online casinos become voice activated!

Slot Games

Many modern slot games are as fast paced and thrilling as you could hope for, featuring superheroes, various bands, and even a few of the most popular television series. Yes, many slot games do indeed cater for the thrill seeking adrenalin junkie. And, best of all, the game plays as quickly as you can hit the spin button.

Of course skill isn’t as much of a requirement in slots games as it is in the other games on this list, but maybe you’re less about skill, and more about the overall experience. In this case, slot games are the right choice for you and if you have a real need for speed you can activate the AutoPlay function and pick up the pace of rolling the reels! This function lets you play up to 100 spins (or more) at a time, depending on the game, so you can enjoy fast paced fun as fast as possible!

Start Your Engines

And there is our list of the fastest paced online casino games currently available. All are popular, and likely available at your favourite online casino! Well, what are you waiting for? The games won’t play themselves, you’re wasting time. Good luck, and have fun!

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